A Blue Spark on Clarendon

So there I was, working away at my computer, when my room suddenly lit up with a bright blue light. It was gone before I turned to the window. Then there was another, and another, and this time I saw it. Trees or branches from the hillside above Clarendon Avenue, destabilized by an earlier fall there last year  and the ongoing rain — and perhaps by the maintenance work that’s been happening along the avenue — had fallen onto the power line. A thin column of smoke rose from where the spark had been, and I wondered if there would be a fire. Nope.

I called 911 anyway. The power lines looked scrunched. There’s a fire truck parked across the street from them now. Wonder what they’ll do next.

Okay, PG&E is on the scene with red flares to block off the road for a bit. Men in bright yellow jackets are talking on the phone. Guess the next step is to cut the branches off.

ETA: Things have settled down. PG&E is still on the scene, but now the rain’s abated and the guys are in standard orange vests. I’m putting up a better picture now that I don’t have to photograph through rain and mist.

ETA2: Follow-up story here.

4 thoughts on “A Blue Spark on Clarendon”

  1. just saw that! came from laguna honda. the left lane was still open, but is it possible that they had cut the top of the tree off already? it looked like just a trunk still on the wires.

    1. Hi Lulu,

      At least two trees are down on the wires. One is just the trunk as you saw, the other looks like most of a pine (or at least a big branch).

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