This is a Picture. Really.

Years ago, I saw a reproduction of a painting: The Kanchenjunga Hidden By Mist. It was a piece of truly minimalist art, a pure pearly-white canvas with not even a hint of the iconic mountain visible through it. Readers of this article may think I’m emulating that painting, only in black, not white, and as a photograph not a painting.

I hope I’m doing better than that, if only marginally. In case you miss them, I’d like to point out the red dots at the bottom left, and the white crescent at the top right.

What this is (really!), is the lunar eclipse over Sutro Tower. It was taken at 11.23 p.m. on Dec 20, 2010.

November Moon Over Sutro Tower

It’s a beautiful night in San Francisco, with the air clear from the day’s rain and a full November moon. My little camera can’t deal with all that brightness, so my full moon pictures are pale discs of light. But tonight, it all came together in this view from Forest Knolls. (Of course, it’s still much lovelier than this picture.)